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Extra-Oral Dental Suction System – Doylestown, PA

Patient Safety
Is Our Top Priority

Recent times have made safety a bigger concern in dental offices throughout the country than ever before. We only want the very best for our patients, and to do that Dr. Kandov has invested in the very latest technology to keep our office as germ-free as possible. With the Extra-Oral Dental Suction System, you won’t have to worry about any aerosol that was produced during our last appointment; you’ll walk into a safe environment where you can breathe freely and rest easy. To learn more about our advanced tools and safety practices, get in touch with us today.

Why is Dental Suction Necessary?

Close-up of dental suction device and hose

Many dental procedures lead to the release of aerosols, which is another name for fine particles or liquid droplets that have become suspended in the air. These aerosols might form while we’re scaling your teeth to remove plaque and tartar, or they might occur when we use any other high-speed instrument. Regardless, these aerosols could contain any number of bacteria or viruses, and if our clinical area is exposed to them, other patients could run the risk of infection. There are also many fluids such as saliva or blood that could also contain infectious organisms and may splatter if left alone. With a dental suction device, we can remove all of these harmful materials and prevent them from contaminating our practice’s sterile environment. Thus, dental suction is our way of making sure our patients don’t inadvertently exchange unwanted microorganisms.

What is the Extra-Oral Dental Suction System?

Female dental patient waiting in dentist’s chair

There are a few different suction systems that dentists can use, but the Extra-Oral Dental Suction System is particularly advanced. Normal dental suction gets rid of about 60% of the droplets that would normally be released into the air during any given procedure; in contrast, extra-oral suction captures 99% of aerosols and splatter. This is important because any aerosols that are dispersed could stay airborne for a long time and could move up to 6 feet away from where they were released; the more we capture from the beginning, the easier it is to control and contain it.

Our suction system also has a plasma generator and UV-C light that can destroy pathogens long before they reach the filters responsible for releasing fresh air into the practice. By contrast, other suction systems will trap these pathogens in the filter before attempting to sterilize them; this generally means that the filters need to be changed out more often to ensure that the device can still be operated safely.  

The Benefits of Extra-Oral Dental Suction

Close-up of patient and dentist shaking hands in office

The most important benefit our advanced suction system offers is peace-of-mind. The COVID-19 pandemic has left many people uncertain at the prospect of leaving their homes or more concerned about the potential spread of disease in general. We want these people to be able to schedule their appointments without worrying about our other patients, and keeping the air in our office safe with the Extra-Oral Dental Suction System is one way we do that.

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