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What to Expect During My First Month with Dentures

June 6, 2023

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Are you experiencing gaps in your grin due to several missing pearly whites? Missing teeth can dent one’s confidence, but fortunately, dentures provide a solution. They offer a full, realistic look, replacing several teeth or an entire smile. If you’re new to wearing dentures or considering them, prepare for an adjustment period. Read on to learn about the first month of wearing dentures and discover tips for a smooth transition to your new smile.

The First 24 Hours

On the first day after getting your dentures, you might face some challenges like soreness and discomfort. Don’t worry; this is normal as your mouth needs time to adjust to the new restorations. Initially, your dentist may recommend wearing dentures continuously, especially after tooth extractions. After this, it’s advisable to remove the dentures before sleeping, allowing your gums to rest and recover.

Adapting to eating with dentures can be challenging initially, so it’s crucial to take a gradual approach. Start with soft foods like yogurt, mashed potatoes, and pasta, and avoid hard or tough foods until you become more comfortable with your new restorations’ function and sensations.

The First Two Weeks

In the initial two weeks after getting your dentures, expect an adjustment period that may require patience. It’s highly recommended to schedule a follow-up appointment with your dentist during this time, especially if you have extraction sites, to monitor the healing progress and ensure the dentures fit optimally.

In this phase, gum soreness is common but should gradually diminish as you adjust to your dentures. If you notice significant shifting or discomfort, it’s vital to contact your dentist promptly. They will assess the situation and make any necessary adjustments or replacements to enhance the fit and comfort of your restorations.

After Two Weeks

After the initial two weeks, you can expect increased comfort with your dentures as you adapt to them. Activities like eating and speaking will become easier, and the occurrence of sore spots in your mouth will decrease, allowing you to wear your dentures for longer periods without discomfort.

During this phase, a reduction in saliva production is common. To aid in adjusting to your dentures, try speaking and eating while wearing them, as this can stimulate an increase in saliva flow. During this adjustment phase, engaging in activities like reading aloud can be beneficial exercises. Moreover, it’s advisable to choose non-chewy foods until you feel more confident and comfortable with your dentures.

Day 30 & Beyond

After the first month, you should have become accustomed to wearing your dentures. It’s important to remember that the fit of your dentures may naturally change over time due to gum tissue adjustments or regular usage. This is normal and can be addressed by seeking help from your dentist to ensure the continued comfort and functionality of your dentures.

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